sunnuntai 3. heinäkuuta 2016

Easy Sunday

Finally here. I have been thinking to write here, but in summertime.. I dont know, where time flies! Or I do.. yes..lawn mowing, flowers, mother in law, lawn mowing, outside more job, hot, training... my car is still waiting to fix, so we have to make it through with just one car.. :) you know, basic country- living.

Difference between last summer and this is huge: after I started my training, which I still continue with my trainer at least half year is.. I didnt handle the heat very well. To be honest, I got some serious panic attacks when the real heat was here. Why? Of course heart beat is faster, when it´s hot. But I read it panic. Also, my weight was still too high for me to carry on, and that made a big difference.
I prayed so many times that cold air would come.. and our home is so hot in summer! It´s above this huge rock, which leads both cold in winter, but hot in summer.

This summer? I have been a bit confused. I started to be more or less afraid in March. Spring was closer and that meant hotter air and bees. How do I make it through Summer?

Then I saw in news that moment: heatwave is coming to Finland. +30c. Oh my gosh... But the craziest thing was..when that day came...I sort of was wondering: where´s that hot air...I mean, I dont feel bad? And yet, thermometer told that outside was +43c in sun and inside... +45c..

One big test was yesterday. We went to this "boys happening", where my man saw old friends and they drove carting. He wanted to me to come with. Air has been here in Fin hot and so moist. Yesterday it was +30c and moist was 68%. That place was open place, dark race track and sand. I have to admit, that in Friday I was thinking to say no, too hot. But I went, he wanted it so much.

It wasn´t so bad! I made it, and even feeling bad! I was so so happy about that! I could enjoy all the time in this summer. There´s a huge difference and relief for me.

Of course I´m happy about how that training shapes my look..but even more I´m happy about it giving me inner strength. More I go out of my comfort zone, more I have strength to do other things. So I truly can say: it´s all about totality. Both out and inside.

Now it´s something +17c outside and in..+25c still. Thanks to that rock. :) But not too bad, never thought that I will say so...

Now I´m gonna take it easy, at least one day. I did some serious work out yesterday and now I´m feeling it in my legs. Rest is best way to treat my body today..and my mind! Maybe some relaxing
Yoga, coffee, good more coffee..sofa..

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As always,

with love

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  1. Wow Maarit our temperatures are not that high, thank goodness. I do love the summer though because I despise the winter so much. I don't like wearing boots and big coats...and then freeze anyway. I hope you continue to handle the warm temperatures and that they go down for you xox ♡♡♡

    1. <3 little late here... :) too hot has finally gone!!! :D


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