tiistai 31. toukokuuta 2016

one sunny day thoughts

Wow, in Finland, it´s hot now! +27c.... and I sit here with my laptop. Listening Gary Moore... could be worse. And could be better. My car just went broken. Can´t use it at all... trust me, here in woods we don´t have any public transport...and first that dirt road is about 2km, after that 8km if you want to go to store...so...I love/hate my car just now.

I´m stuck here. And I´m gonna be next week or so, IF my car can be fixed. So don´t wonder, if I´m gonna write something...weird. It´s just me having some cabin fever!

I started my new program in training yesterday, and wow! I truly can feel it.. I asked fro my coach, can we continue one half year? And he said yes...so here I go again, building more muscles... loving it.

I have been thinking, why do I like to train here alone and not in some fancy gym? I like to be by myself... it´s more like old school- style without machines, but! Peace. And I dont have to worry about, how I look... no one is looking. Such a freedom there!

I´m social, in my own way, I think. My own time, own space is important to me. I don´t like to be in places, where I cant be myself. I mean, I could dress up...but I rather be in jeans... you know?

One woman said, that she totally knows, when I´m on my walk. There´s some sort of rhythm when I walk... Yes, I have my own private disco with me. I do! I put some good music on and it´s so hard for me to not dance..for example: good rock.. wanna go wild! Yesterday I had a hard time..from my headphones came Footloose.... that wanted to make me dance so hard! Music is the way, to escape and relax...to feel..to breath. Music means so much to me.... I truly can feel it. Sounds funny, but in a way..to see it!

I have this funny feeling which makes me look for future. I cant explain, but something is waiting...dont know what, but something big. Have you ever had that kind of feeling? That something is about to changes... if you are willing to accept it?

Looking for something...that is coming.
Waiting it to come.

As I have told, I love mother nature so much. I put here some pictures. If I start  write about that subject...well.. that would take all day. But these are from our yard, apple tree, cherry tree etc... :) Summer is here!

with love

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  1. Maarit, so good to see you writing... I know you are writing else where...I have to get over there and add that blog to my list... first let me say, wow...it is so pretty there and I look forward to seeing what the future holds for you xox

    I haven't written lately, I have a lot on my mind and I feel like if I really write what is on my mind that many people will be disappointed with me, not you... but many others... there are so many people who do seem to understand that life comes with ups and downs and people cannot be positive all the time... how I wish I could... so instead of writing I am staying quiet for now... I hope you are doing well xox

    1. xox Launna... We have been talking between here so I dont write too much here :)


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