keskiviikko 20. huhtikuuta 2016

one skill at the time

I bought Photoshop yesterday. Yipii! And... what the h#ll are those buttons? What does that mean? Where did my pic go!!! How did I do that???

So, my career as an image processor...still waiting. Really, it was easier to read Hebrew than use Photoshop. And I can´t read Hebrew, so...

Thank God there´s one button: online guide. There is soooo much to learn. I didnt realize, how much one can do with that! So I started to study. But I have to take one thing at the time (one day-one skill)´s not easy for novice. I´m sure that ONE day I can do more, but now... something to learn.

I love to take pictures, and yes, I love to be in those. Sometimes. But I love camera. I have always did..and because I broke my new phone..Samsung Galaxy edge 6 plus...(I´m almost crying here) ( that screen is shattered because it fell) (there was a great camera in it!) I´m using my Canon now.

Maybe that´s good thing, not holding my precious phone (gonna fix it soon!) all the time... you know, it´s so beautiful! Gold colored.. ok.

So, with Canon I go. Of course that´s good camera, because it´s a... camera. But it was so easy to use just a phone. No need to take extra- bag along, when you go out. Usually I have my phone with me all the time. Never know, what you will find when you dont have camera with you, right?

Or am I just addict for photos... maybe so.

I took these pictures yesterday near by my home. I love nature and water as a element. In these pictures, I found all I needed, inner peace. I actually sat some time in rock next to this place and just listened. Here you are:

with love

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  1. Maarit, I am so sorry to hear about your phone, that is awful... I hope you can get it fixed quickly... It is great to use a camera though, I have never used an expensive one but some of them take the best pictures... Good luck with photo shop... I am not good with it... I let others fix pics for me xox

    1. Thank you dear Launna! It is awful..I absolutely love that phone..My camera, that real one, is not too expensive, but I think that with that day... it will be ok ;D xoxox


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