keskiviikko 6. huhtikuuta 2016

not busy at all

So, here I am, it´s almost midday and I´m drinking coffee..and wearing my pajamas. As I look from window, I can see the sun, and I´m going to join with sun soon. But the weirdest thing is: I´m not busy at all! Really!

How did this happen? :D I have been so busy lately, that now.. not too sure how to be. Should I be somewhere? No... Should I do something? No...I can just be! Ok.. now what?
People are interesting, once you get use to something, good or bad.. wow! Change is hard, even if it is for better.
I got so use to being busy, that now I´m feeling that I´m totally lazy. And really! I dont know, what I´m supposed to do! Maybe I figure that out ;) Need to change my attitude... yes.

Yesterday, while I was walking I saw something so beautiful: deer´s so close to me! It was raining, and late evening.. I came around one small corner..and there they were! Five of them. They looked at me and I looked at them. That was so special, because usually deer´s are so fearful..and I was so close.

Beautiful!!! picture I took 22.3 while,surprise, walking. I have tried to figure that out. I havent done nothing to that pic. When I took it, as I sayd, I was walking, so I took it in speed. I saw that... yellow thing through my cameras lens and thought that there was some hair or something in lens, I shall clean it later. I thought that sunset was so beautiful... but when I started to look that picture..that yellow thing...I´m confused. Never experienced nothing like this through camera... Well, I put those pics here and maybe you know? Or maybe it really was just something... from sunset? Sunbeam or so...

And when I enlarged it:

Ok. what.......interesting?

Now I think that it´s time to oatmeal and then.. Hey, not busy! So I don´t know, what I´m gonna do :D

with love

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  1. I love those days where we can sit and just be.... go for a walk and not be so busy we can't even think... we do get used to a certain way but we also need to take some time and just be with ourselves when ever we can xox

    1. Me too, those are sometimes too rare... <3 maybe we get use to those, too? :)



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