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childhood memories

I bought new phone, Samsung galaxy edge 6 plus, and that thing can do almost anything! It´s cool, but then I started to think time before those phones..before too much technology. What did i do and how did I survive?

My mom and dad ordered Donald Duck the day I was born. Year was 1971. I grew up with Disney, I can say :). It was the highlight of my week when Donald came. Well, I didnt read it before 5-6 years, but I looked those pictures and my father volunteered to read to me. Actually, later we " fought" in Wednesdays, who will read it first.

Also, i had these small figures of Cowboys and Indians. I wanted to be Indian, mostly.. I really had to use my imagination while playing. That was so funny, a child talking with herself and totally concentrated about those figures... miss those!

Ah, dolls! I had one special doll, named Helena. So much clothes and stuff with that doll!! I just loved to dress her. Also, dolls' carriages, of  course. If I remember correctly, the color was orange.
So,  I put nice clothes to that doll and out I went. Sometimes some lady stopped to ask: is she old? How is she? Of course they knew that it was a doll, but they wanted to be nice, since I was so serious. Sometimes we went  with my friend and her doll to walk, picnic. Oh, those were the days!!! We didnt mind to get dirty, while sitting in ground.. no no. We had fun!

Horses...those plastic horses..I had those a lot! One was black and covered with velvet. That was my beauty. One was old worker horse, who work in fields. That horse had collars and everything! Name was... Sasha, I think.

There was many more of toys, somehow I miss those days and stuff. Wooden toys were made by hand, and those were more like..innocent? I did have such a great time with my toys... No new phone, no Ipad...just me and imagination.

Maybe I start to collect those old toys, to be reminder about my childhood! Great place to start to look is the Invaluable collectibles section.
 There´s a huge collection of everything. Why is it, that everything has to be so new and modern... I like older and really...reminder about not to grow TOO much!!

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  1. Maarit... I often think about those simpler times, my sisters and I played outside all day with a ball and some skipping ropes.. we used our imaginations... We used to explore our neighborhoods and go to the park for the day... we did not sit in front of computers or phones... (Saying all this, I love technology... I put it away for day and read a book and wow the work was wonderful xox )

    1. I feel the same! I mean, I do love for example my new phone.. still I miss something from back, from old days...maybe... that was a good idea! One day away and good book. Thank you dear! I shall try it! :) xoxox


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