tiistai 12. huhtikuuta 2016

Breathing in that Spring

Last 8 days has been challenging to me: I have been in flu. No big deal, just a flu, but I had some stress about training...or rather: not training now. I have use to this my own routine, 4-5 times walk/run and 4 times gym.
Few time I have had smaller flu in past, but not too much time away from training. So for me this is a very long time... hard because I miss training and also! What if my hard work goes down to toilet... really.... :D in 8 days? No way... but that´s hat I was afraid. That´s a bit stupid from me.

Yesterday I was fixing berry bushes, we have those a lot here. In Spring you have to be careful outside, not to wear too much..or too little. I did those both yesterday and gaboom: small fever.

So, here I am now, sitting in our back terrace, looking for sun and breathing. Now, finally, I think that it´s ok to rest sometimes, and while resting... why not enjoy about that?

I hear all those different birds singing, doing their spring- stuffs... our dogs are in yard, just resting in sun... smelling the air....one cat is hunting mouses...I have my coffee here...what more can I ask? This is such a serene moment now.

Spring is both hectic time as it is time of wonders. Wonders of nature. Thing start to grow, things that needs to plant..fixing yard...I just love this time! Everything is waking, and you can see it every day. every day is coming something new.. nature is coming more and more green.. some small flowers are up already.
Also, days are longer, so there´s more and more light for us. Here in North it´s a big deal, since our winter is dark and long.

Wish you could be here now.. such a great moment! :)

This one is from yesterday, but idea is same..

Spring <3 Welcome!

with love

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  1. Maarit, I hope you have healed from the flu... it's awful not to feel good... I am getting back into the swing of things myself, finally... I joined up in a walking challenge for a month... that should motivate me... I love Spring too... some really great colors xox

    1. I´m so happy that you are back with walking! Sometimes we do need some motivation... for me it´s some crazy new passion to just get my muscles hurt ;D xoxoxo


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