torstai 31. maaliskuuta 2016

What can you eat?

Well, hi! :) Long time no see. I know, I promised to write more but... life happen. Same old, same old. I decided that I wont drag every problem here. Not any more... but yes, some and sometimes.
Now, I want to focus to share good. Or rather...share info, what I have learned on my way to loose weight. You know, simple tips etc.

As I have told before, I have lost over 20kg now and in (about) normal weight now. Still some work to do, before I´m happy and I think that I will not leave weightlifting or walking...ever.

How to start?

In magazines... each and every week there´s infos about what you can or can´t eat. What´s healthy and what´s not. Funny thing is... those opinions chance often.

Example: egg. In one point that was so so dangerous, only one egg in week. Now? Some say that eggs are safe. Same went for coffee, chocolate, bread...everything. And if one believes everything...there´s not too much to eat anymore!

So...what can one eat during weight lost? Food.

For some carbohydrates are huge red flag, protein in only good way to go. But...if you are active with exercise, you need those carbs. Also, brains do need carbs. We are build to need carbs.

Yes, maybe in 2000 years ago we didnt need those too much... but human did their biggest development with inventions..yes, after our brains got a it carbs. Difference is, what carbs and how much to use.

Protein and right kind of fat are just as important as carps. For muscles, all body.

So, basic food..carbohydrate, protein and fat. In food that means simply: in one meal (at least) potatos, rice or macaroni, then fish, meat or chicken. Add salad and yep, you have good macros. Dont forget that fat, oil....

Morning? I start with oatmeal, egg, cottage cheese, and berries. Sometimes dark bread, ham, cheese and egg. Simple.

Eating regularly is so good for your body. It does work better like that.

Snack? Curd cheese, fruits, nuts, rice cakes.. You dont have to starve during diet! Rather... dont.

Basic rules, eat right and remember really to eat. Dont skip dinner. Walk, do something physical. Rest.

Decide. Make a decision and go through it. You can. It´s gonna be hard  sometimes, when your mind wants to give up... too tired... cant now... tomorrow... but if you just do what you have to do! You will succeed. In a way, bigger problem is between our ears... so be strong. Be determined. Day by day it´s gonna be easier.


with love

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  1. This is awesome Maarit... first I am happy to see you back... second people need to eat real food not processed.. I don't there is anything wrong with carbs, just not on overload... I am working to get back on track, it is so easy to fall off track... it drives me crazy... I am just about 100% physically ... now I need to deal with the excess weight I gained and I have to get my stamina back... xox

    1. <3 Happy to be back dear Launna! :) It easy! But you do the bet you can and not be to hard on yourself... xoxoxox


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