torstai 11. helmikuuta 2016

Yesterday´s journey

Yesterday was so hectic day, didnt really have time for nothing extra. It was also exiting, as I got permission to drive my mother in law´s car. Now that is not every-day treat! Actually... only 3 people has driven that car: mother in law, of course, her son..and now me.

That car is beautiful, expensive and I have driven it only in my dreams before... So, pressure pressure! :D

The point was for me, to take that car.. I went to see mother in law to hospital. She was worried that her car was just sitting in garage, and soon battery will not work. In (some?) new cars battery is active, slowly doing cars are full of cool electronics and you need to drive regularly to recharge it, keep it going. Now that car had been quite a  long time in took it.

My car is old American car, automatic. This other car is manual... need to use stick. That´s ok, I have been driven a bit with my man´s car.. no problemo! Really? ;)

This car is... so sensitive to drive! It takes orders from so small touch.. trust me, when I left from yard, it looked like I havent been driven..never ever. Like a huge kangaroo in tank! But then I learned, how that car behaves ad off we went. That was so cool to drive, ad I felt like a queen!

On my way I realized that I have to drive in city. Omg...need to stop and often..with manual. Ok, I can handle this...... one way or another. And I did! Mostly...
But then I came to that hospitals parking place. Sh%&!!!!! Huge upward slope. I thought that if I only can drive straight, without stopping in that hill, to parking place, I´m ok. From bottom of that hill I saw one car..I prayed that it will go away..I couldnt stop to wait, there was a car behind me. Half way of that steep hill...that other car stopped. Trust me, I didnt had any nice words at that moment. When I drive with my car, that´s more than ok, with automatic hills are easy. No clutch to mess your mind. Just break and gas, simple.

So..there I was in the middle of that steep hill...and my turn came to move on. Going up? No... fuc=&%¤! Car wants to go backwards. And then it stall. Ok, power on...clutch, break..slowly leg away from break and hit that gas....stalling! I tried 4-5 times and I felt how that car driver behind me was laughing. And that sound, when I hi t gas! Wrooooom! And stalled. Finally I managed to make that car move forward, not pretty sight but anyway... and: when I got to parking place...not a single free space.

I saw one car, which was leaving. I aimed to that and my car was skew in that spot, but I just didnt care anymore. I needed to leave from that place.. there was some youngsters, who stood and watched how I will coop from that situation. Wasnt too proud ;D

But I went there and back. The Car is in one piece. Happy ending anyway! And I love my own car...automatic. :D ( But I would take my mother in law´s car any day...that was a great machine!!!! ;)

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with love

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  1. Oh my goodness Maarit... I never learned to drive a car, crazy I know... my sister tried to teach me on an manual, I just could not get a handle on the clutch, maybe some day... who knows... I am glad you made it there and back okay... I do hope you mother in law feels better soon xox

    1. No, that´s not crazy! :) no no... that clutch is.... well.... not too easy to handle. One thing that makes it easier here in Fin, is that most of our cars that we use are with clutch. Then there is this croup of rebels that drives American cars.. ;D In Europe that´s not too have to be some sort of rebel of just lost it, if you drive American car...funny :) xox <3


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