tiistai 9. helmikuuta 2016

trying to balance my life

Hello, time to start this day. Cup of coffee and rainy day. That´s ok! Since last writing..was it yesterday? Or day before that...anyway, I was totally finito mentally. I havent been so tired..well..Can´t remember. Yesterday (yep, last writing was day before that) I started to clean home. I mean, all the way.
My legs felt heavy, but I needed to sort of clean my mind at the same.
I got a bit worried in day time, when I was walking...Usually that´s a relaxing- time for me. Yesterday...my heart was beating so fast...and I was feeling like a bug in tar!

Too much everything...was too much.

So, I started to clean. I put some my favorite music and started. Trust me, those kittens are making real mess! But you know! Two kittens left yesterday, so all is left is our family now. I cant even begin to tell, how relief I am! Now it´s "only" two kittens (yep, kept two...) 2 big cat´s and 2 dogs. :D Thankfully we have a big house.....

One picture really can tell the whole story.. :D

Now.... today... I´m trying to reset my mind. All those negative and angry thoughts, that are hurting me..well, those are real things, but my attitude. Can I make it better? And yes, I can. I need to work on that. Need to give some mercy for me.....

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This quote is one of my favorite. So true... 

Back to more me, more positive person. It won´t happen over night, but I´m starting now. Step by step. Funny, that training your body is much easier that working with your mind. That´s a hard work!

And Launna, thank you for being there. I know, I havent been too active lately..but you are in my thoughts!! 

with love

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  1. Awe thank you Maarit... I know you will be around when you can, you have a great deal of stuff on your plate these days... take care of yourself first. I am happy to hear you were able to find homes for the other kittens xox

    1. :) of course Launna. I want you to know, that still here! Thank you for understanding. I will come back and be more active, hoping soon. Just have to give some time to heal.. xoxox


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