tiistai 2. helmikuuta 2016

peace is gone from my home

As I woke today..I was dreaming about quiet moment, cup of coffee and maybe some time in internet..
That dream was gone, when I walked from bedroom....8 cat´s and 2 dogs needed food, attention, to go out, in, something! I mean, there was huge pack facing me in door gap! Five of those cat´s are kittens, 11weeks old... omg they have energy!

So...instead my quiet moment...I started to give food...first bigger cats, so they leave kittens alone. Then..to those five small ones, who have definitely character. They fight for their food... small cute...and growls. Sometimes I am not sure, should I laugh or cry. Sometimes I do both.

Now, as I sit here and try to drink my coffee, write at the same time.. I can see, that they are on the move. Small ones.. Thank God, bigger are in sleep, as well the dogs.

Lately I have felt that I´m some sort of feeding machine, I start in one place and when I´m in the end of the line...I shall start all over again.. :D

That is the reason...I haven´t been too active here. I do have my hands full till next week. Then...finally...those kittens are going to their  new home. Not too soon, I think... Dont get me wrong, they are so cute and nice..but the work...and my training..and cleaning the house... and and... I totally need a holiday!

Right now it´s snowing out and I should go to store.. toilet paper is good inspiration: when it´s finish the car moves faster.

And...as I tried to write something..these two were with me...

 This one is Tahvo, Barney in English. I think that he looks totally like Tahvo! This one will stay with us...he´s at home. What was I thinking..oh well....what´s done is done. :D
 Yep...my coffee...

 Tahvo´s sister... she is very active, too... 
I´m not alone...ever. 

I think that I shall go to store. In my car...there´s no animals :D 

Have a great day

with love
Maarit and Barney..Tahvo in Finnish

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  1. My goodness Maarit, they are so cute... but kittens a lot of work. I adore them but I can not handle how energetic they are... xox (Going for a drive in your car is a really good idea xox )

    1. Launna, they are! That´s why I´m in trouble.... woah.... and yes, that energy...If I only could put that in some bottle!!! My car is in good use in these days.. :D xoxoxo have a great week dear! <3


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