sunnuntai 7. helmikuuta 2016

I just don´t get it

I´m talking about some people. I don´t get them. Is it me, am I stupid or... does so hard- nosed people still exist. Yep, those kind of people are around us, and sometimes it takes time to recognize them.

I have to tell you this....

I had a very hard week. I´m so tired and worn out now.. totally. First, I gave 2 kittens away. For that I was happy, because they need some work. A lot actually. So, I had "only" 3 kittens here. Then that lady called..we cant take these, our son is allergic. Ok, I do understand that. So I took those back. Guess what? I heard, that it was a lie. They just could not handle them....

So, I´m here with five kittens..again.

Then my mother in law fall ill. I mean seriously. I mean ambulance and hospital. That´s a tough one for us.

So...I need to handle all animals, home, try to be strong ( not too good at it now) and with myself.

I was quite happy, when I got a change to go to the stables to see some horses. One woman from close to us has a pony and horse. That was so nice! I use to go and ride so often, when I was young. But when I fell real badly from horses back...I quit. But some small though has been in my head: I want to be closer to horses.

So..we had a chat, that maybe one day I will have the horse of my own, One day, not now. Too much is going in my life and when I take animal, small or big.... well, not giving up easily. Those will come part of my family. Maybe that´s my problem... I dont know.

But next day this woman put´s a text message to me: here´s a good horse for you NOW! Hurry! Let´s go! I tried to tell that now it´s not a good time.
But after I told this.... all changed. This can sound silly, but it feels like she got angry with me, because I didnt take that horse and go to stables together. I mean.... really!? Then I would be stuck with her and that stable. Money involved here, too....

I dont get that. We are grow ups. We have our own life.. why make it complicated? I just cant be like I was younger: just have fun without thinking. I do have a family, man, and I have to take them in my thought´s too. Of course. Somehow I feel like someone want´s to break that.

Ok...she promised to take two kittens. When I asked about that today... I´m not too sure about that now. Sad for those kittens. Really, they are living and breathing being.....not toys or pawns.....

Breaking my heart.... and not knowing, what to do.

One thing I know for sure.... I will take care of my family. That is important.

Next weeks are going to be tough, because we dont know how my mother in law will cope. All I can do is be there for her and my man. Also. keeping my head together... One day at the time. more cat will stay with us. 2 big and 2 kittens. And 2 horses. ;)

Woah, what a week....

But hey, I got some new clothes from H&M! For spring.... I love my new dress, and shoes....and jacket.

Ready for spring!!!  :)

All the best, with love


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  1. Maarit. .. I'm so sorry you had such a rough week. I hope your mother in law is okay, how scary and stressful. I'm glad you stood up about the horse, you should not be forced to take on more than you can handle xox ♡

    1. Thank you dear Launna... that was rough week.. <3 xox now just trying to heal :)


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