keskiviikko 24. helmikuuta 2016

forgot to celebrate life

It just hit me now.... Today as I woke, my mind was full of stress. That´s the very first thing that I noticed. Kind of sad mood... not happy at all. Why? Because I let others too in. I mean.. their mood. In this world, there is people...who worry about something all the time. Like the very fluid of life is to be able to worry about something.
They dont see all that good around them, and maybe..they are happier when there´s something to lament about. Or that´s how it seems to my eyes.

I have been positive kind of person almost all my life, I had this gift to see good in bad... enjoy about those small things... now, lately, I have felt like I am in dark forest...And I dont mean my home, my man! No... all good in there. But...surrounding.

Lately.. have have to admit...I havent been enjoying too much about nothing. I feel like I have been sucked dry, mentally. That took me so ling to realize that and put it in words. Now I found those words...

I know...I´m moaning here now..bare with me, ok? :) There will be more positive things, after I deal this situation and go trough it. Writing makes it easier, it makes sense for me. It makes me understand.

So, I have been mentally dry. But also.... afraid to live. Yes. I have been afraid to live. Because I have listened too much. Too much negative thoughts. Things like: well, this went wrong, next thing will go wrong, too. I cant, I´m afraid that, that´s not gonna happen, No, I cant, it will go wrongly.... things like that. And since I have been so long hearing this rather that hearing positive things... I forgot to be me, to be all that positive that I was. Still going to be. If someones life is all about finding problems, my life is going to be something else.

I WILL find my way back. I WILL be happier. I WILL be more me. I´m not gonna take others negative ways to me. That made me literally sick. Still am, because I just realized that. But! Now, because I know....I can fix it.

This could sound stupid, but I didnt realize this before now. I just...felt sad..all the time. That road will kill me mentally, so time to change path.

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Some reminders for me :)

with love

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  1. Maarit, it's scary how others moods can bring us down. I'm happy you are making a change there, remember to talk with your doctor if it doesn't get better soon though, take care of yourself xox ♡

    1. <3 <3 it is, and I didnt even saw that coming... I will! And thank you Launna, for being here :) xox


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