perjantai 15. tammikuuta 2016

Passion number one

I´m sitting here, in my pajamas and drinking my coffee. I read just news (that´s so tough in these days, hard world) and waiting my man to wake. He was in night shift and we are going to some stores soon. As I look out from window, I see perfect winter day: sun, cold and snow. So pure, so white.

I have 10 weeks behind hard training, without my "light week", which is usually in every 8 week. That´s a good way to revert and let my body t get new energy. I forgot to say that to my coach, because I got my new program for gym. Can you imagine, that even though my body is sending signals to rest, I was so exited about my new program that...well, like a child in Christmas?

I know, that after this or next week I´m having my rest week, but... now, I´m already planning and waiting my training later!
As with this new program, I have discovered new muscles from my body and I like to see, how those response to that hard work, that I do. Trust  me, I havent saw those in my back...never. So, development is giving me more boost. And the best part is: I´m actually doing all that hard work! Me. That´s awesome feeling!

So..I can fairly say that passion number one is training. And that transformation, that comes along. Also, knowing, that I have done that hard work is a great price...I have been more or less lazy always to train  ;) Gone from there where that fence was lowest. Great for my mind too, to stand up and just do.

Ok, wow! I opened one thing here now, maybe by doing this more often I will find more passions. Like I said before, I sort am lost..or in lock..with my mind. I dont dream as big  I could, and I truly want that part back to me. Dreaming big was fun! Missing that... :)

Now, time for oatmeal and to the stores we go!!!!

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Getting there..hopefully soon.

with love

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  1. Yes Maarit.. we have to dream bigger than we ever thought. .. otherwise we are just existing and that's not living..♡ xox

    1. That is so true Launna!!! Well said my friend... I dont want to ONLY exist..I wanna live!!! xoxoxo <3


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