perjantai 1. tammikuuta 2016

New year, old me?

Have a great year 2016!!!

Last year went so fast. It did! It seems almost like I started this thing with myself few weeks ago. But. I have been training and eating (almost) healthy one year now. I was strong enough to work with me. I just...did it.

That has given so much faith to me...that I can do other things, too. Sometimes all that I need to do is hard work and there will be success...or at least I can say:  I did my best. I did.

In year 2015 happen also some sad things, my mother in law got sick and we are now readjusting in this new situation. That can take some time, still, but we are in good way to readjusting.

Oh really... now, as I think... year 2015 was all about winning myself and being strong for other reasons. Training, jogging, eating... now? More that in this year :D. I dont make any promises to new year, I think I make more dreams, more goals. But there´s no rush with those, I have good time to think those and to be honest to me, what I REALLY want. So... planning, and yet: one day at the time.

But here´s the pictures first from year 2015:



Still some work to do, and my passion is work harder....
But I can say, I made something in year 2015?
That dress is real old velvet- dress, from... wait...maybe...year 2000? I glad, that I didnt throw it away...

Believe you dreams, believe that you can and work hard. 

with love

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  1. Congratulations on your success Maarit... I'd love to be able to work out with you xox

    Have a very Happy Year... I wish you so much joy and happiness ♡

    1. <3 me too, that would be nice! xox You too, may this year be awesome to you!!!


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