sunnuntai 17. tammikuuta 2016

More passions and some dreams

That was so liberating to write my passion in last post. I actually got more boost to work in gym!

As I sit here, now, in Sunday afternoon...I dont have coffee yet, but during this writing I´m gonna make some. Next to me is one of our dogs, Veikko, oldest, sleeping like a baby. In next couch is Vilma, our dog number two. Sleeping as well.
I have my free day from training and I have to say: came in need! I´m hoping that I have free week in next week....that I will know, after my trainer sends my feedback, tomorrow.

But now, passions!

Words. Sentences. Stories.

My childhood dream was to become a writer. Not too famous, a bit famous.

I loved that thought that I sit in library and study something. I dreamed that I have one special place, where I shall write my book. My own space, my own world.

As a child I use to write a lot. Stories, fiction, everything. But in some point as I grew up..I started to think too much. Too seriously. Not setting my mind free and enjoy all that fantasy and thoughts in my mind!
I though that those were so childish and not I more or less was blocking those thoughts away.

Yesterday... I took that first step to free my mind: I started to create a story. There´s something from my world and past, something that I have dreamed. But you know, I have a story line now! I was amazed that I actually did that. Now, I have more passion to write, ideas comes so fast...I mean, I can see that story now! Like some plug was taken away! Words just flow from my head... I love that feeling!

So I guess, that I can say: I want to come well known writer... wow...I said it!

That means..I have to write. I will! :)

  I love that thought!!!

Image result for quotes about loving to writeImage result for quotes about loving to write

Ok, now I´m gonna make that coffee....

with love

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  1. My dream was to be a writer too but not stories, more inspirational things... I let small minded people in my life make me feel as if I wasn'the worthy of that. I listened to words in my head, instead of listening to my heart.

    Maarit let's make 2016 the year we write and listen to our hearts xox ♡

    1. Launna, you have so much to give... listen to your heart and go for it....
      Let´s do that! Let´s make 2016 our year!!! <3 xoxoxox


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