perjantai 29. tammikuuta 2016

I think that I´m funny

Really, not like comedian but I act funny. I was in bed/ sofa one week during flu and I got bored. I dont believe in horoscopes like you know, daily. What will happen etc. But character horoscope are often just like me, Gemini. And when Gemini is bored...well...stupid things will happen.
Also, that will emphasized, because I have been working out 9 hours a week, during last year.

So, I had soooo much time in my hands. My mind? Well, it went so fast, when I was getting better. I couldnt discharge that energy in any training, so there I was... in sofa...alone..with my head.

My temper was so short! My man was working hard, and also it´s deer season now, so he sat to do just that:  hunting in woods. Me? Alone at home with 8 cat´s and 2 dogs.... not too good situation :D not at all. I was acting so childish.... wow. Grown woman? Where?? Not seen that for a while...

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When I´m in this mood for change.... oh wow... I could change everything at once! Next dont want...

Oh well, now I´m better and was in walk already! I think that my family is more than happy about that... But I have to admit... I do get childish when I´m bored. It´s not too easy to be Gemini, even one who is Gemini can get confused with herself..I shall write more about that, now I´m so hungry!!!

have a great day

with love

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