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Go for it! Thoughts about weight loss

Good morning everyone. Here I am, with huge cup of coffee. I did woke earlier, and my new routine is: food line. I start that line from kittens room, all five kittens needs, of course, breakfast. Then to kitchen and bigger cat´s and dogs. Trust me, I move a lot food in 15 min!
One of the kittens learned how to escape from their room, so that too..keeping busy. Sometimes I do feel like I´m in Noah´s ark!

As I look from window, snow is coming slowly down.. in news said, that it´s gonna be very slippery to drive. Need to take it easy...
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I thought that I could share, what I have learned in my journey of losing weight:

After New year, so many medias are full of quick diets, fast know, all sorts of products for losing weight. Best time for business now, people has made promises and full of enthusiasm to be in shape in summer. Gyms are full, business is great.

But... how about being more than part of business? I mean, how about taking care of you for whole year?

I know, that we all have said or heard saying: after this or that I will do it.

How about just..make a decision, with you.... I will do it. Just without big parade or wonder drug..I´m gonna do it.

After making decision, just work. That´s all it takes. Work. Leaving from your comfort zone. That could be the hardest part, but definitely THE step that is necessary to take. You get use to that new zone, and it becomes part of your new comfort zone. It takes time and work, but totally worth it.

All those pills, promises about easy diet.. well, maybe those will do the trick for a moment, but. Getting back all those kilos is usually reality. And someone is getting good money! Not you, but someone...

All it takes, is decision. Promise to you. Then, do radical change. Start right now. When you see, that hard work is working, you will get new inspiration to continue. And do it healthy!!

By doing things like in TV: s fast diets etc...have you seen ever a show "year after"? Well, me neither. Why? Too fast, and too tight program.

Eating right and!!! Eating enough is important. You need to eat. Real food. Just make a good choice, you know. Chocolate or chicken.. and dont get me wrong, chocolate sometimes aint bad ;).

But what I mean: basic things. Physical Activity in some form, what ever you like. And you know what? That´s it. Really. No magic, no mystery..basic work.

Our mind wants something...easier, or more trendy.. But the bottom line is: you make your choice and are willing to work for it. Then the whole world is open! And cheaper than some trendy things... ;).

So, if you are thinking to loose weight.. do it. Just... do it. Without explanations. You are truly the best to give yourself reasons, why not now. But if ask from yourself, why? Why I cant now? You usually find a reason.. I dont want to leave my comfort zone.
I did that. I did explained so much to me, why I cant go or why I need to eat so much. I really didnt need, but I was justifying to myself.. I need this cake because it was hard day. Or good day. Or both. Every day.

And I didnt need, not really. My mind needed, not my body. There was that difference.

So, here´s my tips for loosing weight. If you want it...go for it! You can.

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I´m listening myself now..this is hard. I have flu..and need to rest. For at least three more days, I have been resting since last Wednesday. I dont like this...I´m not in my comfort zone, in resting. My mind wants to work out... But.. well, need to give that rest for my, that I need. Bugger. Now oatmeal and more rest. 

with love¨


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  1. Maarit I hope your feeling better by now, this has been a crazy busy week for me, I'm finally able to anewer some blogs... I am so behind (100)... it's going to take a few days to get caught up.

    I love your health tips. .. I've been so lazy lately, I am looking forward to good walking weather soon ♡

    1. Thank you dearest Launna!!! Hope you can take a breath, too! And also, I´m happy to hear that my tips were good! :) That good weather..I hope that I can send some to you! :) <3

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    Get moving also makes you happy, the natural way as it releases the happy hormones Endorphin, that give a sense of happiness and lightness.


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