perjantai 22. tammikuuta 2016


Ok, that has been my..well..passion, sort of. I just love to read great blogs with so great pictures. Yes, I do. I know, that I had said something else earlier, but I wasnt sure about myself, so.. I desided not to like those, because I didnt saw any way out from my body..that had changed to something else.
Now, that I´m more and more back (still work to do) I find myself to be interested more about clothes. Not sure about that fashion... anymore. Maybe... different styles? Better that I dont say nothing now, maybe I am interested about fashion all over again!

Why I dont have one, fashion or something like that- blog?

I know, that I could have awesome sources to do that. I mean, I am makeup artist, I have bee one since-1987.

I have been (still going to be) a model So, I have connections there. Also, I know photographers. If I really want and be nice..I would have access to so many places and change to meet such interesting people.
I have had, still do, this crazy opportunity to go to Paris, in Fashion week in Spring. And yes, I mean inside to that whole happening. To have a change to meet those rich and famous. But..not yet. I havent gone. Why? Well... actually...I dont know. Maybe I havent been ready for it? I mean, it is still in my mind! Every Spring.
I do have some ideas for photos,really! :D I know, that here that dont show. I have my camera, it´s only friend to take this photos is tripod. I DO live in the middle of forest.

Also... those awesome pictures of those awesome blogs... those take time. First makeup, style, hair, outfit etc etc. Then, going somewhere to take those pictures! Usually someone is helping... and after that, photoshop. There´s lot of work. Me? With these cat´s and dogs, small farm, training, book... well, you know... and I have to admit. I´m not too... how would I put this... neat? I live more like.. close enough.

So, I would have all the tools to make that blog, but... it´s not the effort, no....I dont want...well. In here I´m usually in home clothes. Also, when I go to store, that would be a great sight, me with all make up and so! People drives with tractors here...have cows, horses and so on. As you can imagine, people here are very close to nature.

But in me is this woman, who has ideas! And my wardrobe is full of clothes. And I do love clothes. I love to try different styles. Also, I love to stay with my home clothes. :D Aint easy!?

I took these pictures with tripod...Me, going to store with my fever. I have some now...small fever.

Me and cat´s....

In that skirt says: The chick is beast! :D

At the phone... but I do love that bag! And yes, I´m tired.

Me as usual...

And my wardrobe...

Yeep, welcome :D

Bags, clothes, shoes, more shoes...(well)organized chaos!

 I love that Eiffel tower..that was my mothers...memory.

Accessories... I love big rings....

I just dont have time to use  those. Maybe I have to make? Or can one write without tarting up just for one photo? I mean, at home, I am usually like you see in that one picture. Home clothes. Also, being here with fancy clothes..all those no... cant do that. 

Does this make any sense? Can you see, what I mean? I dont know even myself! I was hoping, that writing this down here would help me to see...and maybe it will... now I´m a bit confused..

Ok, time for tea and the Bold and the Beautiful. 

with love

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  1. Maarit, I think you should wear whatever you like, comfortable or pretty. I love how you like and appreciate Winter...I wish I could like it more ♡

    1. Thank you dear Launna!!! Sometimes it is hard for woman..and man! To express how they want to be. Public voice can be to loud... xox You know, I think that I was penguin in past life... ;D


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