tiistai 8. joulukuuta 2015

One eye open

9 days ago our oldest cat...and that only one, who can still make babies...made just those. 5 perfect, small, cute little cats- babies. She wanted me to be there with her thought that labor. I have to say, I´m kind of honored about that. What I have hears that cat´s usually wants to go and give birth somewhere quiet place, without human present.

But Veera, the mother... she wanted me to be there. So I was. This is second time for me and Veera. I kind of know, what to expect.

All kitten came fast, and all went well. I think that I saw that father earlier in our yard, he was black with longer fur. Now, those kittens have black/grey and white... longer fur.

Also, they have already some things, that comes in their character: one is shy, one is so brave, one is curious..:) Our dogs just love to be there for them! Funny, big guardian dogs are totally taking those kittens part of our pack. Just so mambas!

Now, two of the kittens have one eye open, already. Looking so wild! Like maniac :D But I cant help of thinking, how they see everything. All is new.. how they react.. how do they handle all new information. New life is here! So sweet to just look, what they are doing and how they are growing. I know, we have to give four away, one is staying here..that´s gonna be tough for me. They are all so beautiful, again. Again, because last time, when Veera gave birth.. those were beautiful, too. Now we have 3 cat´s and two dogs. You understand now, why my man is telling me all the time: we dont keep them all! :D I know..but they really are just too cute!
And they have to be here three months before giving those away.. oh my, they will learn to run, clime... to be total terror here. I think that after three months I´m happy to give them away... My flowers!

Veikko and one kitten :)

Mother and her babies. 

Soon those both eyes are open, so there´s gonna be some action. Can´t wait! :D Or yes, I can. 

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  1. Maarit... they are so cute... I love kittens but I usually take a cat when I take animals now as they are more docile... Kittens are much too busy for me... lol xox

    1. Haha, I totally understand Launna!! Lol, those are so busy soon...so am I.. :D xoxox


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