torstai 10. joulukuuta 2015

Make up, not making it up

I truly thought, that I was the only one with this...well, no too big issue but thing. As this project has gone further and I´m losing all that fat... I have noticed that I have bought more make up.

This could sound funny, but yes.. and I did invest more money now. I wanted the best.

Before I bought just..something. Now, I want to glow. I want to treat me better.

Same with clothes. I think more, what I want to wear and what is my style. I havent thought those in a long time.

Do I like this, or that. How do I see me? I´m interested in me. That´s a good thing, and new also.

I was listening one webinar yesterday, and there was this life coach.. or more like woman, who´s studied human behavior. Body language, how does our body react in stress or in good things. Well, I cant explain that, sorry! But she is expert what comes our bodies.

She told, in that webinar, that when she lost kilos, she did bought new clothes..and make up. Like appreciating her, as a woman more. I think, that I´m doing that now too.

I truly was thinking, why on earth I want some things more than before. Then I thought that I was sort of losing it ;)

But no, I´m not. I´m acting totally normal now. I havent paid too much interested to me in so many I´m doing that. Is that meaning, that I am appreciating me... finally?

That could be the story.

I have tried some clothes from my wardrobe, just to see what I like and what is totally no no. Amazing, that there is those no no- clothes a lot. I think, that I didnt really think, what I was wearing. As long as those were fitting me, I was happy. Now I need more.

This is great feeling, to seek me again but as a woman. Not as that young girl as I was. Now I´m stronger, and now I´m more me. And that is coming out, louder now.

I do like this feeling, I do like to be in control in my own life. Taking my time to really think, what is my thing in life, my style, my own thoughts. Not what someone else tells me to like.

These are some pictures, what I have put to Instagram. I actually thought, what I love and bought those. And now I´m happy to use those. Treating me as good as I can... :)

Ah, some luxury for my skin... Bought those 5days ago.

More make up, what I thought carefully...more like planned, not just bought some random items.

Last pieces from my make up puzzle, lipstick and some skincare.. now I´m happy. 

This was more like journey to me. That this was, all those new things. Being sure, what I want. is new, too...being sure. But I am. And that feels good. These are those small/big steps in life. 

with love

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  1. Make up is a great way to give you a lift Maarit... your make up turned out so lovely... keep going, you are doing so awesome xox


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