torstai 17. joulukuuta 2015

It´s dark out there

It is. In Finland is that time again, when we dont have sun light too much...only few hours in day. In North sun dosent rise at all, next time in January, day 16,, (if I remember correctly). Now, dark clouds and raining. I have to tell you, this is slowly getting in me: I´m more and more tired during days. Also, my mother in law is in hospital now, so..

But!! Not giving up. I know, this country can be tough, people here has to be even tougher to beat this melancholic time.

I go to walk my walks with headlight. I dont see much, just a small area, but that enough for me. I see enough not to break my ankles ;).
In our gym, we have lights.
At home we have lights.
And we have candles.
And I have good news.

I´m going in next month to new model agency!!!! Really!!!! I sent two pictures, which I took at home, without make up.. and really didnt know, what to expect. I´m not old, but in that industry I am. But if there´s a will, there´s a way! They wanted me there! And not as a xl-model... ad model! I use to be one, long time ago. So, all this hard work with myself... there´s one price :)

Now I need to pay attention for my mental-side... there´s a big oops. I have been working so hard with everything else, that lately.. just being tired in mentally. One thing, where I know that well is...hard to sleep. I could be tired, but when I go to bed: no sleep. So..I have to take that seriously, too.

Next week..Christmas. It´s going to be different for us, because my mother in law went to that hospital yesterday. And she´s going to stay there long time. Just..need to take care of us all and remember, why we have Christmas.

But it is dark out there. So, small lights is needed.

Usually there´s snow and for that reason a bit brighter. Now, they said that in next Sunday could be December! It should be -9C... normally. Wow. Mother nature is gone wild and changed everything! There´s some mushrooms growing in our yard. In December... :D I really dont know, what to think about that! Believe me, normally we do snow work and freeze here.´s more like bad summer? Interesting times ahead.

I took this picture, as I sit here and write. Our only light time now... not too bright, though...

And soon....

Little snow is in my wish- list now... :D 

Do you understand now, why Finland is in top 3 countries to drinking lot´s of coffee? We need to stay awake... 

Ok, enough this bemoaning! That dosent help. Cup of coffee and off I go.. so much to do. Or maybe I go to sofa for a minute... ;) 

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Ok, I think that you got the point....As I write here now, this whole situation starts to look even funnier. I mean, dark country, people walking around like zombies with a good impression about Finland? :) But to be able to make fun about our self is the best gift now. Also, that made me look things a bit differently: it´s not so serious. Light or not, life goes on.
Kuvahaun tulos haulle quotes about finland and winter funny  Launna:

Oh I´m sorry, coudnt resist...... :D I love this country! I do! :)

with love

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  1. Maarit... when I come to visit Finland one day, I am most certainly coming in the Summer... I live in a country where there is a lot of Winter but not as much as Finland... I am glad you enjoy it so much. I want more light everyday ... even though I do like having four seasons xox


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