maanantai 16. marraskuuta 2015

overwhelmed by beauty of nature



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Can´t even begin to imagine, how you feel...I know, that I feel bad.. all the hope for you!

I was walking today, and the weather is more or less fog, grey and dark. But there´s so much beauty in that! It´s like land of dreams.. walking in fairy tail...mystery with good intention. 

That fresh air, that I was breathing... things, that I knew were there but because the fog,  didnt saw...beautiful! I took some pictures with my phone, so quality is not the best..but I think that you can see, what I mean:

(And that first pics... I went to store and the road was more like highway to some new place!)

There´s beauty in every weather, for me. It dosent have to be sunshine all the time... 
Like in life.

with love

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