tiistai 17. marraskuuta 2015

Looking for light

I was so decrepit in the morning, like old sock! Ready to cry for such a small things...  I have been pushing myself in so many direction lately, that my mind was screaming: STOP! My body cried me- time. 
So did my mind. I´m happy to say, I have learned to listen myself, finally! I said NO to everybody and decided to take some time for me. Just had to. 

So, I took my camera with me and went some small walk, no rush, no hurry... I started to look light from shadows, those small things in nature... usually my walking is more like running with hurry. So, now I moved slowly.. forced me to look around. Here´s what I saw before I bumped one woman from hoods and we started to talk...one hour out there..wearing too thin clothes...trust me, now I´m so frozen up! Like fish stick...

But, here´s light from shadows and those small things:

Always look that light from darkness, it´s there!

I was thinking to write something also, but my fingers are so frozen still.. Cup of coffee and lot´s of warm things...Next time then!

with love

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  1. Nice capture maarit! Did you take all of those? :) From Danae http://www.djoyfulheart.com/


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