torstai 26. marraskuuta 2015

I have a problem

And my problem is this: I cant write in my own language. I do mean that. I have started so many blogs in Finnish...but I cant make those feel...there´s something missing...I cant express myself in blog, in Finnish. Funny, ha? :) It will sound so boring! My writing...

I know, and you know English aint perfect, far from it. But as I have told, look for that red line..that issue from my writings. (And thank you, so you have done)

But here, I feel more...home. More myself. And here, for me, it´s easier to express myself.

So, why I have tried other blogs? Well...I thought that it would be easier to write in my own language...Now I have tried, and guess what? This  is my home, after all. It is.

Now,after I have figured that out...I dont have a problem anymore! Have I ever told you, that I appreciate you guys so much? Well, I do.

Here´s one for you:

Image result for quotes about champagne 

So, no more testing. I´m home and gonna stay here.

with love

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  1. Yay... I am glad you are back Maarit, I am back too... I just need some time to understand that I will probably write about the same thing from time to time, that is life... I hope you are doing well, have a great week xox

    1. Thank you dear Launna!!! Good to be back :) Also, so happy that you are back, too!!! <3 And so true...that is life. Write s many times you need! xoxoxo Have a great week too dear!

  2. Hi Maarit, your english is very good.. I have nothing to complain about it. However if you write in finnish I cant understand it and I look forward to reading your blogs too. xx from Danae Dacono

    1. Danae, thank you so much!!! Like I said, your blog is amazing! :) I´m so happy to see you here xoxoxo


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