keskiviikko 14. lokakuuta 2015

so far so good

Once, there was a man. He fell out from window, and other man asked: how are you feeling right now? The man, who felt answered: so far so good. (ok, that was from some old western- movie, but it is well said)

Between falling from window and before hitting the streets: so far so good.

I dont know, is my life chancing.  I will know more in next week. But, so far so good. Feeling good, and kind of serene. What ever is coming, let it come. I´m ready.

Why so mysterious? Well, I´m a bit superstitious... if I say it now...maybe that is not true then. Or in next week... Something happens... so, I will tell you more in next week.

My man is going to moose- hunt in next weekend, and I have to say: He´s got that fever! :D He´s like me, when I have a chance to go to fashion show. For us, it is really started of real Fall. Moose hunt is just part of our lifestyle. Hunting. And yes, I cook that meat with great pleasure! Low fat, totally local food.

Some could be more or less like: how can you? But... if no one hunts those moose or deer.. can you imagine, how much there would be those in roads... it is controlling those populations. Living in nature- thing...

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I just love that quote!!!! :)

Time to go to gym, part of me wants to sleep... but, I just have to tell to that other part, that we are going now. You can rest later... It is so easy to explain to your self, why skip training. Harder is to find reasons, why I have to go... For me that is: me. I´m doing this for me... *kicking myself now to ass go go* 

Really.... ok. Now more sitting here...

....I can do this...

....On my way...

....Almost gone....

Ok, now!!!

with love

Gone...soon. :D Not too easy day for workout!

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  1. It's crazy how easy we can talk ourselves out of something like exercising when it always makes us feel better, I am glad you didn't listen. I am excited to hear about the changes coming up... yay... I hope it is all good xox

    1. It is!!! we are good at it :D I am! I will tell you dear!!! All good now := xox


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