torstai 8. lokakuuta 2015

I tried yoga..didnt quite nailed it

In this World of confusion... I thought that working with this time instead running away is more better. So, I´m gonna follow, what people are doing to each others, there´s good and there´s bad.

I stood outside yesterday late evening, there was Northern Lights in the sky. Sooo beautiful!!! Shame, that I didnt have my camera with me. In our place, when it´s dark, it´s really dark. Here´s no light´s out, nor roads. This good old fashion countryside.
Funny, I dont be afraid out there, in dark.. I´m more afraid some people. Those, who are making decisions in countries. Who are in charge. Or those, who are killing just in name of religion.
Nature, wolf or bear... those hunt only for food. So...I dont have nothing to worry about in darkness of those woods.

So, after facing all these things I really thought that I need something to balance my mind. I tried Yoga. And I do respect all, who are doing it! That..ain´t too easy!

My first class... I fell in sleep in beginning... when we calmed our mind and just listened our breathing..Yep, I slept. Like a baby. Whole class. I was sooo ashamed!!! Namaste! ;)

Next class.. well, I was awake. But those positions (asana) (I think) ..moving smoothly from one to another..I was that elephant in class store. Not too smooth nor balancing. Also...I have to admit..I giggled a bit.. quietly, of course. But some names of those positions... my imagination took over my mind. So.... I just dont think that we all are made for Yoga.

But I found one thing, that gives a peace of mind:

Coloring book for adults.

This is all about some animal shapes, and it is so beautiful book!

It looks like this, and you just have to take a pen and start to color...what color is good for you in that moment. 

This is my first pic, it took few hours to color it. There´s so much details, so much to see and color. As I did color it..I actually did relax. My mind did. I just concentrated on those colors, lines...cup of coffee... perfect! And those pictures are so beautiful...

I highly recommend to try these books! 

If you are good in Yoga...that, too....

Now time for coffee and my beautiful book :)

with love

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  1. Maarit.. I have no balance but I still want to try Yoga.... I'd love it if it put me to sleep, that would be hilarious... was it a good rest? I'd be the elephant in the class too... xox ♡

    1. You go for it Launna!!!! <3 That was sooo good rest!!! Really, I didnt hear or saw nothing... xox


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