keskiviikko 7. lokakuuta 2015

can´t stay away, can´t escape from world

No, I can´t. I´m too much thinker. The problem is... I do take things seriously. Things, that happen around this earth. I know, I started that other blog and that I want to keep only positive.. but I cant escape world. I don´t know, if I even want to...

Here in Finland, like in so many countries.. came and shall come still, lot´s of refugees from different countries. Distress dosent look time, and when this all happen.. our own government  made a list of cuts, to save... that list is, yes, necessary for our economy. But it hurt...since our county is about in top 5 to being the most expensive country in Europe.

So...people got angry, still are. I do understand that, too. we have our own mess..then reading about Syria. Wow.... and also, Russia, next to us. Truly, I don´t know, what´s cooking there.

So...small Finland and smaller me...I´m both angry and confused. Don´t know what to think. Who to believe. And..of course, worried our own safety. This is real, all is happening now.

For me this is quite stressful, because I care about people. For me, in this world...there´s so much pain, hunger...bombs...too much. And I can´t do nothing!!! That make´s me...cry.

Oh yes, I´m happy with my own life, all good here. Family and everything... my safe place...

It feels like..we are waiting, that something is going to happen. What? I don´t know...but there´s so many places, where is too hot now.

So.. don´t know... cant hide, but have to think how to balance my feelings... do you understand? Am I taking things too much to me? Maybe... but since it´s all over different medias.. that´s why I don´t go to facebook anymore. People there are also fighting... who´s right or wrong..opinions about things... friends are fighting about those... no. Not gonna go there now. Maybe never.. saving myself at least little. Ok, here was, what has been in my heart and mind :D Maybe it will get easier, if I just write about my thoughts and share those... I don´t believe that I´m all alone with these things...

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with love

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  1. It must be really scary, I feel so much for the people that are trying to get out of their country that isn't safe... yet I understand how awful it is for the country that has to take them... Change is always difficult, I do think it will all work out the way it should. Keep writing Maarit xox

    1. I pray so... now it´s a little calmer.. :) we are living a real difficult times...everywhere. I feel so much... thank you, again, dear Launna, for being there! xox <3


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