maanantai 28. syyskuuta 2015

wow, did I just said that?

When I was a kid, my mom use to say that I was too kind for my friends. I couldn´t say no. That was true. Also, saying what I was really thinking was hard. I avoided controversy pretty much, also if someone asked my opinion... well, I was more or less like politician: maybe, or perhaps no?? Why? Well, not too sure because in our home I didnt saw fighting. My parents didnt fight around me, so not coming from home... Maybe there´s no bigger reason, than that´s the way I was build. Too caring.

That has been my stepping stone all my life. Lately, in last years I have learned that I do have opinion and stupid or not: it´s mine anyway.

There are, like in everybody´s life, people from past that make´s one feel contradictory. One people called me some days ago and I have wondered...why do I feel kind of mad, when she´s calling? We use to be pretty close.... I´m in that point now, where I am admitting... that relationship was holding me to crowing to be me. Sort of. I mean, I was me, but not all the way. I was more like what this friend wanted me to be. And stupid part...I was playing along. Why? Well... there was something that I liked, of course. And..maybe I just thought that I was´nt good enough like I was? Because this other person wanted to chance me in some direction? Yep, she know´s better..must know...I´m
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During that phone call she said something about one reality"star" here in Finland: that´s like us! I said, no that´s not me. It´s you. (that reality star... well, not too positive)
First time I said, that´s not me. Never been, I´m not really like that. I was stupid enough to act like that, but from inside I was suffering..

That moment opened up so much to me! That opened up, how much I had gave power to others to sort of build me like a doll. I cant blame too much others, I let that happen. But my moment to be free: no, that´s not me. Really. Real me. No.

I started to think, what else is there, how I have build my own image? And... letting me act like my inner self is feeling.

This might sound funny, a woman in my age is writing things like this. But, better wake now than later! I have been dealing some things from my past, because those do effect in these days. How I react, maybe wear some clothes.. This is my journey to me meeting the real me. And no, life cant be this difficult, I know. I could let things go and just move up. But... I want to learn. To understand. By understanding me I have better chance to understand someone else. And that I want to do.... someone in future?

I think, that there´s so many things that effects us. Listening and hearing your own voice could be difficult, more so that we can understand. Some start this journey in earlier age... me now.

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with love

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  1. Maarit all we can be is true to ourselves and not pretend to be what others want us to be... I think it takes a long time sometimes... but we both got there xox


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