maanantai 14. syyskuuta 2015

worth to fight

Here I am, sitting and drinking coffee. Just came home from store. Still so much to do at home and one training to do, also. Sometimes...usually...while I drink coffee, I read news from internet. And those last´s weeks news...have been so heartbreaking. From world and from Finland. I can´t ignore those, no.... and maybe I have been taking too much in me. Then again... so many needs help.

But!!! As I drove today (that´s my therapy) and listened Bon Jovi (therapy too) I started to think...I listened those lyrics... I have my source of power in my life. Love. Family. My life.

Clean water. Food. Warm home.

I mean... that powerful feeling, to worry about he ok at work? I have someone special, that I can worry about. Sounds funny, but...

I have actually this whole world! As do you. One planet... one air... out mother nature.. in these situations, when world seems like all hope is gone, is it ok to dream and be hopeful and STILL know, what´s going on? I dont want to look this world through pink classes. I want to care. And I do. Yet..I´m a dreamer.

I want to believe in hope, too. I want to see all those good things around me, too. Feeling that awesome wind of Fall in my face...beautiful.

Life is both being realistic and also dreamer. There has to be balance.

I know, I´m in safe and sound here at my home. How do I know, about someone´s sorrow? I dont. But if I can just hope for better...that´s not away from no one.

We all have our different things from past, maybe... waiting us tomorrow. I know, that in my backpack I have way too much weight from past, habits, ways to think.. (more about that later!)

For me, it´s time to breath... take a deep breath and feel. Feel this it is. Find something good from it. For me: I hear our dogs breathing, sleeping... just love those two so! Coffee in my mug... this beautiful table, where I sit. Ir more like in chair, of course. But anyway... there was a time, when I could only dream about this kind of place... and now I´m here!!!! As I look from window... I see trees. All green. And our chili´s.... so big babys now. (I call what ever I grow, babys..:D )

This´s totally worth fighting for! Yours too! We do breath same and I.

with huge love

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  1. Maarit, I think it is good to continue to dream and have hope... sometimes it is hard to have hope after reading the news but it is a good thing to always hope for better for ourselves and others xox


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