torstai 10. syyskuuta 2015

week away from facebook

Now, this is gonna sound strange... but one week without facebook. Why it could sound strange? Facebook is just one app and I´m talking like quitting smoking or something. But the truth is...(I see that now) I spent too much time in internet and that started to effect my sleep and the way, I used my brains. I lost my sound in some way. Now I see, that I can live without knowing, what someone has done (or not done). I, relieved.

Dear Launna, now I know, what you ment, when you have took breaks :) xox

I use instagram for time to time, I write other blog in morning (not every day, but when I feel like it) and this. Past week, I opened only in morning this laptop, read news etc and the rest of the day? I actually was thinking more. I saw my life clearly, small things... like someone put colors in my tv!

At first, I had a bit harder time to put my smart phone away. It was always with me. Now, it´s more like phone :D and with some apps. I took facebook away from there. (that was my stepping stone and took too much of my time)

I dont know those latest gossips from town, and quite happy about that.

I have read a book every night before I go to sleep, and wow! That´s fun! Usually it was more or less hanging in net. (Reading Hercule Poirot´s adventures, love those!)

Yes, I have been more focused in my training now. No phone- no interruptions. No need to share something between training... that, was quite funny..when I think about that now.

Some part of me is missing older times. I watched (again) Sherlock Holmes- Game of Shadow. Somehow that world, that time... I dont know, appeals to me. But, I´m here, in this time now. With my choices  I can make a huge  difference my life, the very quality of it.

That´s a huge relief!

Image result for quotes about albert einsteinImage result for quotes about better life

I just love that Albert ;)

with love

And ps. Launna, my messenger still works...:)

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  1. Maarit, so glad messenger still works... I have been taking more and more breaks, I LOVE being connected but you are so right, sometimes we can be too connected... I just need to veg out and with more exercise in my future, there is going to be less time for social media, I am starting strength training soon... I will let you know how it goes xox


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