sunnuntai 6. syyskuuta 2015

going back in time

No, not with memories... with social media. My phone makes this sound: pling pling pling all the time, with different medias: facebook, instagram etc.. email...all. And now I´m in that point that I´m truly tired of it. My mind is.

It´s not social medial´s fault, I was a bad media was actually my boss.

I spent way too much time in my phone, skipping those small moments. Skipping things around me.... "have tot take  photo and put it in insta or/and in facebook" Not remembering to enjoy in that moment... I just had this odd thought, that I needed to be there all the time or I could miss something. Miss what? Moments of others life... instead I missed moments from my own life.

Why I talk pin past tense? I´m a little proud.. ;) but I started 2 days ago...yesterday I was all day long without my phone. And let me tell you....that was just so great! I dont know, how long I´m gonna be like this, I shall see. Not gonna take extra stress about that. One day at the time... I need time for me.

I actually thought that I will take my really old phone to use, but...I removed all extra apps from my way too smart phone and left music, navigator etc... like I have free myself from chains!

More pen and pencil, books..less media. A little bit older way to go.... everything is way too ready here in these days. Some younger people has forgot, how to write with pen! Calligraphy...almost history... that makes me sad. I dont want to forget.

So, I keep writing here but in other medias... I´m off for a while. Giving my brains some vacation.

with love

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  1. Maarit, I think we all need to take some time off social media from time to time. I took time off blogging for over a week, I needed that to have time for myself xox ♡ I'll see you when you have time ♡

    1. Thank you dear friend... for understanding! xox and just being... :) <3


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