maanantai 17. elokuuta 2015

Today is no that day

No, it surely ain´t! 

To do what? Give up. Today is not the day to give up. Sometimes, you feel tired. Dont give up. Why I am doing this? If there´s a small fire left..dont give up. Wait till tomorrow, and do it again. Dont give up.

Look at the mirror and say to you: you are just fine. I wont give up. No matter what. I can do this.

Dance, if you want to. Be you, praise, what you have. Life is such a big gift, no need to shame on it.

Be silly, be flirty... have some fun. If you feel like jumping... well, who´s stopping? Flirt with life!

Dont listen those negative words around you. Block those behind you. There´s a huge space around you, to fill with positive energy!

Be strong. Fight about what you want, dont give up for you or nobody. Stand tall and go forward. One day you will see, that actually.... it was not too bad. 

Today is not that day, to give up. 

with love

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  1. This is awesome Maarit... it's not always easy to keep going but telling ourselves daily that today is not the day to give up... is not too much to ask xox ♡

    1. Thank you dear Launna <3 today´s not that day ;) xoxo


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