perjantai 28. elokuuta 2015

Hot or what

Oh, how many times I have opened my laptop and wanted to write. So many times! You see, the thing was... here in Finland came this crazy heat from somewhere. I´m not too big fan of way too hot, at least I want some escape from it, sometimes. But here at home.. well... we have this rock under the house... this has build to be safe and above ground. Wise thing to do, ants etc. dont come. But....that keeps cold, yes...but but...heat. Really, I felt like egg in frying pan!!!

So, long story short: I was so tired, so weary after all the time-heat, that I just could not write a thing. I had headache and felt kind of sick during that time... Now? Cooler! Finally!!!

I have enjoyed these 2 days, cooler air and Fall is coming!!! :) Happy happy about that.

Here´s some pictures about Fall through my eyes.....

I love woods and Fall so much..... All those colors..smells..all of that peace!!!

Here´s some pics, during my morning jogging. Yes, I actually went about 7 am to jog. For me that is different, cause I usually sleep in that time... But it was too hot to train in daytime, so...jogging in morning, gym at night. But waking up was so worth it! Look at these scenery´s!!!

Yep...7 am.... ;D

Every morning was heavy fog, air was so moist...

And 8m, after that fog was gone.....

So, back in business again!! 

with love

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