tiistai 21. heinäkuuta 2015

Meeting: me

Again time has gone so fast. It´s funny, that when I was younger..it went much slowly.
I was in that audition last Friday and now I´m just waiting some info, how it went. Waiting is really not my strongest thing. But today, tomorrow...I should get that info. My stomach nerves! Wow...

I started to think my life now. It has really changed a lot, since I started this blog. I have changed. Or grown? Evolved? And lost again. Then finding my way all over again.
Doing that all over again, I realize new things, new ways to think, and sometimes...old are just fine.

I have been trying to do two things: regenerate and be here right now.
Usually those are good, of course, but.... then again. I tried maybe too hard...time to time. That bottom, where I have build myself since I was young... there was also something good. No need to change everything. I am, and always will be goofy, wild and not too serious. That´s not a bad thing!
There have to be some crazy things to keep me in balance....

I just need to sing in my car as loud as I can those 80´s rock songs. I just need to be childish sometimes... I will suffocate if I have to be in "order" all the time. And...I love to play with playstation..... War game, called Call of duty. Yep, I´m 44years old woman and for me... that´s fun. :D

So, I try to keep my eyes open and not trying to change too much. If I try too much, it will become more like obligation, than learning process.

Being here right now? I cant do that all the time. It truly gives me headache to think that I´m here now, all the time...and my mind wants to travel in it´s dreams....
I have to think about tomorrow, I will think sometimes my past. I have to... there´s so much memories and things... Tomorrow I need to pay bills, plan things...
And...I need my daydreaming.

Kuvahaun tulos haulle quotes about daydreaming So, I have to admit to me, that I dont have to try to be calm, perfect, to be in control.... I need to be me and that is enough. By doing that I might learn more. I truly feel more  like Peter Pan, I have always done so...

Kuvahaun tulos haulle quotes about peter pan

I dont know, how much does horoscope effect in humans..I do believe that in my case those are right, time to time. I´m gemini... And some things are just right...

Kuvahaun tulos haulle quotes about gemini woman

Kuvahaun tulos haulle quotes about gemini in good and bad
with love

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  1. Maarit I'm not a Gemini... I'm a Leo...I want roots and I want to fly. In the now and here I want to leave and change everything about my life... I'm rooted and can't fly though. Good luck ... I hope you get the part ♡

    1. Launna, you are the same as my mother was! And I do understand that... I do. You see, you have already flown... many times... :)

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