lauantai 11. huhtikuuta 2015

took that one step more

Since my last post, my stomach has been hurting so much... from that stress and being upset. Yesterday I was so tired, I had not slept well and that awful pain... It really affected everything. Too much. Brains are such a active thing, sometimes I just wish that there could be on/off switch !
But there´s I have to do something else to relax my mind and stomach.
And one thing started to stress too, as a result of all that. My weight started to jam. Believe me, I got so nervous about that. Working hard, nothing is happening in my scale..that is frustrating!

My awesome coach sent me new program to gym, and I started to follow it yesterday. I was, and of course still am so happy about that. I dont need much to be happy in these days ;D
I went to our gym and with that stomach pain I just started to do. As I did my thing, I realize: I´m stupid. I really am. How I give so much power to some people that I suffer all week here?

Those hurting words...I need to let go. Now.

I did that program with such a full force and in a good way I was so tired. I sweat all bad things in that floor. As I came out...I didnt take those with me. Key word is work with myself. It´s same thing, when you work with your body: you want to do your best, for yourself. Why on earth I would not want to do just that to my mind? Inner peace is so important.......

So today. I will work with my mind to not think about those foolish things. I have one great tool to help me:

  in English:

That´s about mindfulness, meditation. I realized: I can work my mind, too. With some help from Jon;)  In that book, there´s some good points how to react and how you can help you, to get over, chance your track to think. Ok, not such a great way to tell about this, but I just hope that you got my point.

Both, body and mind needs to be in some sort of balance. That´s a good way make peace with yourself and also: with your surroundings! One effects to another. To be healthy, remember: you are wholeness. Take care of you!

I will work to be that, too.

Kuvahaun tulos haulle quotes about wholeness

with love

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  1. Unless you love yourself you can't give love to anyone. Sad but true.


  2. Maarit... we certainly have to love ourselves first... we need to take care of ourselves so that we can give back to others... running on empty won't help anyone xox

    1. Launna <3 that is true...I forgot that for a moment... now I´m back on track. Living and learning, I guess.... xoxoxoxo


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