perjantai 24. huhtikuuta 2015

smell the spring

How blessed I am! We are! Such a beautiful nature around us. I took my camera from dust and took some pictures for you :).

These are from our yard, spring has just woke...

My lucky stones, found those from yard when we moved here.

One of my favourite places to sit

My tools ;)

Lots of berries coming up

Always something to do

With love,

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  1. Maarit... it looks like Spring has sprung there... it's working hard to show up in Nova Scotia... I can't wait for the flowers... this year I plan to take some pictures of them too ♡

    1. Launna, it´s coming!! I will send some from here ;) Oh, please, take some pictures! I would be soo happy to look your world :) xox <3

  2. Great photos !

  3. AMAZING photos! :)

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    Giada, blogger of Being Over the Moon

    1. Oh thank you Giada! :) Of course we can follow each other, my pleasure!


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