keskiviikko 8. huhtikuuta 2015

sitting in storm

That one is true, just lost power..wind is so great now! Just hoping, that trees dont fall down to roof..
Now I do appreciate this laptop: there´s mobile Broadband just in case I can write ;)

Like I have told before, last week was so busy and stressful. I thought that it will be ok, when Easter comes. It was, sort of..but at the same part of me is disappointed. I dont know, should I be? it just me....

After all preparations I was ready to relax and spend some good time with my man and my friend. But....I ended up to be listener. Supporter. Comforter. That wasnt time between us, that was more like me listening....
I try to understand, but...feel sad now.

Otherwise I relaxed well. But yes, I have this awful pain in my stomach, think that it came from stress in weekend. I feel like I lost something.....and my stomach is so sensitive to react things...

As I sit here in quiet room, listening that wind blowing...makes me respect nature even more. And surviving skills! No electricity, no food...or! We have wood stove...I have to get some wood and do things in  old fashion way..not so bad. There´s it´s own feeling to do things...

Now I need to put this laptop to sleep, so I can save some battery... should be interesting evening!!

Kuvahaun tulos haulle quotes about friends gone bad

I want to add there: and find new also. But that is sadly true. When one goes through changes and become more stronger.... those, who were use to you, being kind of doormat ..they dont like the change. Simple because you wont take it anymore!

Ok, I can continue (for now) to write. We got our electricity back! (for now). That wind is so strong, that in our roof, there whistles! Wow....

But back to that subject. Now, between that first part, that I wrote and now, hour stomach pain has gone smaller. So, that huge pain was indeed from that weekend and disappointment. That´s both sad and also...relieving... Sad because I know, that I have to stand to what I believe. Relieving because I can. 

Just to be able to say things out loud, is relieving. There´s the real power of writing/talking! 
If someone, even someone from close...want´s to put you down or try´s to belittle what you do... dont let them. Do what you believe, what you love, do it twice as hard than before. Prove them wrong. That´s what I´m gonna do, continue my thing and work even harder. 

Ok, now I´m angry :D and that´s a good thing. I know why, and I can get over it. 

Kuvahaun tulos haulle quotes about people trying to put you down

Now, I truly hope that electricity stays..I have chicken in oven, and our neighbor just lost theirs... 

Kuvahaun tulos haulle quotes about trust yourself

with love

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  1. Maarit... is is so true that strong people don't put others down...only weak selfish and insecure people who fear everything put others down... I have one of those in my life too... she is over the top, I have got to the point that I ignore her, I do my own thing and I let her live with her fears... I think the best thing you and I can do, is to do what we love and never give up xox

    1. I remember that you have in your life.... and you are strong to put her in that point- ignoring. I will do that too. Never giving up dear!!!! xoxoxo


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