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positive power

Kuvahaun tulos haulle quotes about positive power

I shall try this. I know, that sometimes you just cant be positive...or can you? For me, if something happens or someone hurts me.. I take it in me too much. I cant see good from the jungle of negativity. I know, that my mind is partly inclined to be melancholic, there´s my power to create.

But, what if... I try that positive thing more! I know, I´m more positive than negative in life, but taking things weak spot. Also, what if I try to start my days with positive thoughts? Can I do that? Like small meditation at the beginning, before coffee...

If it´s true (and of course it is) that I´m all that, what that quote above says...holy S##t! I have so much power in my hands to change things in my head. That´s not gonna be easy, and there will be bad moment´s, too... but. What if... I will learn, to be more good to me, inside too?

I demand for me so much. I do. As I train, that´s the only way to get results. But in home...maybe...finding balance between demanding and letting go?

Kuvahaun tulos haulle quotes about positive power

In those two line´s, there´s so much power. Just think about it: how much freedom is in that thought? How much opportunities? Can one live believing in that,all the time? Yes, there are people just doing that. I too vain to live like that? Do I need some drama in my life? Sometimes maybe yes... 

I know, that my mind is working like a wind. When it´s too.... calm, it needs some action. So, admitting, who I am..maybe I can work some golden path for me. Who knows, maybe one day I´m gonna be happy that I´m all calm? Right now..not feeling that.. 

Kuvahaun tulos haulle quotes about positive power

So, starting now..I´m gonna take moment to just breath. And I´m gonna start my days like that... I dont have to do that hour or two, no. Few minutes in mornings is good enough. 

Kuvahaun tulos haulle quotes about positive power

And yes, there is a change, that I will write about those hurting things too ;) That´s what I call life. 

Kuvahaun tulos haulle quotes about yin yang

with love

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  1. Maarit we do hold the power... it's not easy though as you say... living happens. I admire someone when they can take things in stride and not let it get to them... I am a work in process ♡

  2. Hello greetings and good wishes.

    Wonderful thoughts which will revolutionize the way we think and act and change our attitude towards life, success and achievement.

    Most of us get up in the morning with negative thoughts and at the end of the day we get nothing done, nothing achieved. This has happened to me on several days. When I think positively, everything looks good and enchanting and my energy level is more and I get more things done in a day.l

    We can ruin a perfectly good day by negative and gloomy thoughts. The day is the same for everyone, the opportunities are the same for everyone but some people cast away their negative thoughts, feelings of insecurity and seize the day with confidence and determination and in the process feel a great sense of satisfaction and happiness.

    Fantastic and very inspiring post.

    Best wishes

    1. Thank you, Joseph, so much! Wonderful feedback and so true, what you wrote. There´s so much power in thoughts, we just need to realize it!

      All the best,


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