perjantai 3. huhtikuuta 2015

busy bigger bee

Woh, this past I told before...was... busy. I had to make so tight schedules and still few hours were missing from days! And..I work at home :D So, that´s a achievement, too.

Today is the very first morning, that I dont have to run, be stressed or be near madness. I´m sitting, writing, drinking coffee in peace! SO luxus!!!! My body and mind truly enjoys now...Still got one cake to make and small things, but....Hell YEAH; I made it!!!!!

Today my old friend comes here, to stay weekend with us. She´s moving to London in May, so quality ahead :) Also, Easter and my man´s birthday in same weekend. That means soooo good times.

I started to write my gym& sport - blog again, it was sort of forgotten long time. But now, I´m so in to this gym-thing that it deserved my time.

Now I want to wish happy Easter to you, thinking that I dont come here in next 2-3 days. Or..maybe I come, but just in case..

Have a awesome Easter and weekend!

with love

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  1. Happy Easter Maarit... we all need to take some time for ourselves... I hope you enjoy the holidays xox


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