keskiviikko 15. huhtikuuta 2015

back to being humble

In this life, all around us is so much beauty. Oh, I know...I have been talking about training a lot lately, and that´s my passion. But now, as it has become part of my routine....I need to get back to that point, where I will be able to see something else.

All changes takes time to readjust. For me that was, to readjust with this new lifestyle. I have to admit, that it took almost all my attention. Now.... I feel more calm, more sure.

As spring is moving in, winter is going to rest..there´s so much going on! My tulips, which I planted last Fall are coming up! Like new baby´s :) Bushes are waking and starting to get green. Birds are so busy now, also those bees.

Some days we can see the sun and that´s amazing feeling after long winter! There was warmer time, but it got colder fast. Yesterday I took my jogging with snowflakes... today warm and sun. That´s our weather in Springs. Changing a lot.

I dont know the name of these flowers, but every year they are the first to come :)

Cleaning the yard... ;) and dreaming about food!
(sitting in swing, my favourite place to be)

This view was such a magical to drive. Shady sun, almost purple....

I just love that feeling, when life goes forward. And when I feel, truly, in me...that something is happening. Partly I´m doing it and partly I can enjoy the view. :)

with love

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  1. Maarit... I am making changes too... now that Spring looks like it is finally here in Nova Scotia, I am back to walking which takes up a lot of my time... but it is important to me... so I will find the time and work around other things xox

    1. Great Launna, me too...finding time is under work. But that is time well spent, walking, training...that´s being healthy :) xoxoxo


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