keskiviikko 11. maaliskuuta 2015

I want to learn, I NEED to learn

Like I said before, I´m happy about that...that human is never ready. That would be boring. As I admit, that I have so much to learn still, I just opened more passion to me. I love new thoughts, new ways to look life. And yesterday...I was in Webinar, just listening...and learning.
I woke more. Actually, that canvas that I am, got more colour. More tools to do things, to paint. That´s beautiful!

The man, who kept that Webinar is, for me, great thinker. One of those, whose words I do understand. Straight, honest and caring. What more can one want!

Now.... I´m thinking forward..thinking about me. Who I am and what I want. Needing a little help for that, and just maybe...getting some. If you dont ask, you cant get.
Needing and asking help is not weakness, no. It´s wisdom. That was one thing, that I learned.

I´m hunger some more.

As I have drifted in this life of mine, I actually didnt have compass. I was just like a chip in sea, drifting. I thought that I´m free. Just because I can work from home. I make my own schedule. BUT! Just maybe...I have been more or less behind the bars... not having clear vision, where to go to.
Still dont. But, now I know, that it´s never too late. To find your way. To meet you again.
Accepting you, working with your weakness, strengthen your power to do good.

One page more for my book of life.

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with love

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  1. Maarit... I love that quote about being a success means inspiring other people... also life is about constantly evolving and learning ♡

    1. <3 You do..and you do inspire me too, Launna!!! :) <3


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