sunnuntai 22. maaliskuuta 2015

How about those goals

In this "new" me, I have had some things to think.
Last week went so fast, that I really didnt had too much time to write. Training and working in yard took so much time, in the end of the day I was sooo tired.

Now it´s Saturday and outside is quite cold, so time to sit here and write. And think.

One of my goals is training. I´m in good process to do that. Lifting more, loving that more. Still far from where I want to be one day. So, there´s work still to do. I know, I have to work little harder, not just settle and perform somehow. I need to challenge me. Sometimes...I can go under the fence, cause it´s easier.... Now I wont do that.

My man build awesome rack for us: squat rack. Made from strong wood. I have to say...He´s so good to make things happen. That rack will stay there until the end of time!

This was the start....

And here´s the result!:

That´s a movable board for abs. Love it!!!

Ok, that´s one goal. Then harder...what then? I need to have more goals in my life. I do have one....but I dont know why..or maybe I do...I havent done it lately. My book. I havent bee writing it....I just could´nt ...I have been taken my laptop and opened it...then nothing. I went to facebook or something else. I didnt know, how to write. Still dont, but I have a hunch. But that came too much for me, and all the time it was still in my head: I want to write it. 

I have been thinking, was it too much then, when I started? Too much scars? it too much now.... now when I have let go from my past. Should I change the subject? And if so....what shall I write? 

So, there´s my goal think subject and execute it. I need to think that hard, because I really dont want to live in past anymore..... Maybe, I have something else to say? Something more...positive? There´s my goal now.

Kuvahaun tulos haulle quotes about setting new goalsKuvahaun tulos haulle quotes about setting new goals

Something to think about... :)

with love

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  1. Maarit... goals are good... and when it comes to writing, write what you know about and love... that is what draws me to to people... not the ones that write what they think they should... It will come to you.. have a great week ahead xox

    1. Thank you Launna <3 so much :) I think, that it came to me too, have a great week xox

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    Greetings, Sophia xx
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