perjantai 27. maaliskuuta 2015

Feelings, master or slave

I have to write with my phone or tablet for some time, text will be a bit differnt. I think that my sight  has  changed and wearing classes.... well my eyes will come so tired. With phone I don't need  classes, so.... we'll see how long I write with this. It's different than with laptop, I have to say! 

Anyway, to feelings. Do those run you, or are you in charge?
Feelings are good and important , but when your feelings lets You think too much and with negative touch... then they are running you.

What I mean is : if you have... let me say, panic disorder. There your feelings and thoughts are doing most of that work to get you in Panic. Feeling, like sweting,  tells Your thougts that this have to be dangerous. Thoughs will respond: Yes , you are right! Lets put the alarm on! And then .", yes , you are in panic.

But, that goes in so many things in life! Taking new steps, changing something .,. making decisions. Scary, true, and sometime our thoghts with feeling are telling us: Dont go, Dont do.

Sometimes, of course that is vice listen, but what if those will block us too much?
Then its good to ask for yourself: WHY am I afraiding that new thing? Like in panic, why do I scare sweting. Is the some real reason... or is it just me . That sets free new energy and more strength to do new things.

I drew this one picture with phone. I call it: stairs of Life, Even thought I drew it with phone, hope you will find my point?

Sometimes easier, sometimes harder to walk :)

with Love

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  1. I like the drawing Maarit... I totally understand it... that first step is huge, we just have to keep taking the steps and then there is some freedom... very nice xox

    1. Thank you dear Launna <3 it is, very important and sometimes huge step... :) xoxoxoxo


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