sunnuntai 15. maaliskuuta 2015

Becoming in my life

Like I told before, I´m in that place, where my past is not defining me anymore. My thoughts are more here and now, listening.. I´m free, finally! I dont know, what happen but something went it´s place and woop! I´m free....

This feeling is so...well, I can breath. I´m more stable than before. Also...a bit lost. Why? Because...I have more capacity to think forward, more capacity think, what I want and..more power to go after my dreams.
But you know, I have been so long... prisoner of my past (really without even noticing that) that it´s hard to be free? Not like I miss that burden, no, but...´m awake. And I know..I can do lot... Here´s my stepping stone: do what?

I suddenly find myself in so good place in life, that it was only a dream few years I stand here (ok, I sit now) and I truly is open!
I think, that it´s the same feeling that what one of my cat´s have now..He´s going out at the very first time, and wow...such a big world! I feel same...

Empty head full of thought, that´s it. That´s how I feel :). At this age...never too late. I have said that before, now I believe it too.

So, sun is shining and I´m thinking what to do now. One line is good: make the rules and then break those.

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All about feeling. New feelings, new joy. Old feelings, becoming fresh. Lost and found. Breaking my own rules. Looking some new. Testing, wondering..finding. Life. 

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with love

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  1. Being free to be who we are is the best Maarit... I wish we could learn it earlier in our lives but it comes with time... at least it comes ♡


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