tiistai 10. maaliskuuta 2015

beautiful rainy day

You know, last week was definitely weird. In Wednesday I lost my nerves to one relative, totally. And I have to tell you...I dont loose my nerves easily. I lost it, and that anger stayed with me 2 days..then I got my apology. I was right. That´s ok now.

But then, in Friday...dishwasher decided not to work anymore. We had one old in basement. It took many hours to fit it  and finally it was in it´s place! Nothing...that didnt work either.... whole kitchen was full of stuff from closets. No comments ;)

Then, in Saturday we went to buy new dishwasher. Oh, it´s great!!!! We put it in it´s place, again...and it worked, That we knew...but. One tube was leaking... straight to closet. Of course. Stuff away and cleaning..and fixing that tube. Oh yes...that was ok now. Took the whole day to put everything in order, but finally...yes!

Then I went to our gym, I put heater on earlier. In gym...that was cold as hell! That heater was broke....only cold air was coming... trust me, at that point I was hot enough! Didnt need any heater to do my workout.. :D

I actually was afraid to make a coffee in Sunday, I thought that coffee machine will broke in my hands...it didnt. That was a good sign for me.

Now, new week, new stuff..and some old. Like going for a walk.
Kuvahaun tulos haulle quotes about captain jack sparrow
:D I just love that quote
Have a great day

with love

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  1. Oh Maarit... I have had those weeks... there just seemed like one thing after another... I'm happy to hear it's turning around for you... I hope your day is much better ♡ xox

    1. :D those weeks are just so....oh well, now everything is ok and working! xox Have a awesome day dear friend :)


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