torstai 26. helmikuuta 2015

Loving this age

Wow, I never thought, that I´m gonna say that. When I was 10years younger, This age was definitely in section: dinosaur. 20 years back...well..I dont even tell, what I thought then :D.

Now? I feel truly like the best time of my life as a woman. With my wrinkles! Really, yesterday I looked at mirror and I was´nt too shock about what I saw.

In some point..I thought that it will be the end on my world, to have wrinkles. One of my friend is really ready for operation to make those go away.
I´m not. I dont want! Funny? Yep... But somehow I have changed my point of view. In this age I feel more sexier, more me....
Is it because, I have seen what is was, when I was younger? Now I have found what I have been looking for?

I dont know... I just feel whole.

Yes, I´m still on my to building my body. That´s because I really want to see, how far I can go. And I truly love that feeling, when I lift weights....awesome.
(sadly...I have small fever now, not today)

If you feel good, you radiant that to your surround. And THAT is more important than taking off those wrinkles, that you are wearing. That´s life. Your life...

There is no such thing than eternal youth...not to your skin. In your heart? Always ;).

Taking care of yourself gives more to you than worrying about age. That, my just numbers.

Smile with your eyes and the world...will smile to you.

Kuvahaun tulos haulle quotes about smile with your eyes
Kuvahaun tulos haulle quotes about smiling with your eyesKuvahaun tulos haulle quotes about smiling with your eyes

with love 

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  1. I am not in love with my wrinkles but I wouldn't get an operation to remove them as I did earn them all... I too have a much different perspective on aging as I do grow older, I love myself more as I get older and become more comfortable in who I am ... I wouldn't trade that for anything xox


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