maanantai 16. helmikuuta 2015

KO by influenza

Woah, last week has been so...sick. Literally. I got influenza and it did knock me out with one hit. Fever, muscle pain, SO sore throat, cough, name it, I got it.

I tried everything: garlic, honey, ice, coffee, tea, saltwater, lozengers, fresh air, sauna, muffler, wool socks... and all of those almost in same time! I really didnt felt too sexy..and that smell! I mean...garlic and lozengers with menthol... One good thing about being sick together with family is he didnt smell a thing. :D

So, thats why I have been away from here. Still sick, this is tough one. But, today : not fever...hoping that not rising later. Maybe...I will be alive again...

One good ting about this, now it´s coming with full force (influenza) and we have gone through it. So we do have resistance for it, maybe for next year too...

And...I kind of wish, that I could taste, what I´m eating. Right now it´s almost same, if I eat cardboard of stake...tasting same.

But, I just wanted to say: Still here and coming back!! Healing myself...

Kuvahaun tulos haulle quotes about being in influenzaKuvahaun tulos haulle quotes about being in influenza 

with love

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  1. Maarit... I'm so sorry to hear you were so has been over 7 years for me, other than a 24 hour flu...I'm hoping I built up enough immunities from that last illness that almost took me out. I hope you have too.... take care of yourself and continue to get as much rest as you need to be yourself again... much hugs and love from me to you ♡

    1. Launna, thank you so much <3 Coming in need now! I truly hope, that you will continue to stay healthy, this is not fun... I´m resting now..more than I have rested a long time! After this I´m gonna be so much full of new energy ;)


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