torstai 5. helmikuuta 2015

In the ditch

Not me today, but as I was driving home, I saw red car in ditch. The weather here in Finland is beautiful, yes..but very hard for driving. Not because snow´s falling. Because all is just so bright. Snow has filled ditches and fields, ditches and road seems to be one. You cant actually see, where´s road. That has brought so many crashes now...

Here´s what I mean:

I drove this road, and there´s another in front of me...and when you have even small speed...very hard to react or see the road. And because temperature is chancing so fast from minus to plus...slippery as hell.

In that red car, there was this old man...I knew, that with my car I cant pull. I stood with him there waiting..maybe one tractor. It came, TG, and now that old man is (I hope) driving safely to home.
So fast can our plans change.... It made me think. Again. Love your life right now, the road of life can change it, for better or worse so fast. If you are really can handle all, what´s coming up. If not..the ditch?

I had something else in my mind before, and I will write about it I just have to go to ski. Calm my nerves and totally enjoy the weather. Tomorrow it could come as water...

Here´s pic´s from today..I took these before. (some yesterday) But: winterwonderland!!

You see that field between trees? There I´m gonna go now :)

with love

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  1. Wow Maarit... that would be scary... Remind me to come to Finland in the Summer... no Winter for me... lol

    I do hope the older gentleman is okay... Be careful Maarit.. xox

    1. Launna, I will remind!!! ;) Anytime wellcome.... <3 He´s well now and weather is what it is again...if one cant fight..have to live with it. Ps. Summer is beautiful here, so.... ;) xox

  2. Nice post! I super love it ! And your blog is gorgeous ! Maybe we could follow each other's blog?

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    1. Thank you Wandee!! Of course I will follow :) And checking your blog :)

  3. Hello I loved your story... How warm the old man must have felt through your presence,'s certainly through such simple gestures the
    beauty of our lives becomes meaningful as a human being. I also love the photos. Best wishes.

    1. Thank you Col, so much. I truly believe so too...As he felt warm, I felt good..just because I could be there. Enough for me. And..yes, simple gestures are still so powerful...
      All the best for you too :)


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