tiistai 10. helmikuuta 2015

I just love skiing

I really do. I didnt like, actually I hated it during school! It was so forced, and our teacher was too.... oppseded... That was too much for rebel teenager.
(Oh, if this looks funny, text i mean... I'm writing with phone)

So, I havent been skiing in....25 years?
Last winter I tried that, with my husband's
Ski's. Way too big for me, but that was ok. Afterall I Was Just trying.

But it was fun! I was quite suprised about my reaction. We bought ski's to fit me and! I broke my ankle with dogs.

Today, before coming in internet... I went to ski. The day is perfect: sun and little warm.

Skiing in fields you can see so much : animal tracks, bunnies, deers .... And Just to be with mother nature! Awesome!

PS. Launna, one reason to visit in Finland in winter ;D

Here's some pictures from my journey today:

with love

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  1. I'm glad you enjoyed skiing Maarit... I'm not even sure I could stand on them... lol... I still want to see Finland in the Summer ♡

    1. :) I´m not too fast, either.. but it´s fun! ;) I understand that summer-point ;) Here is beautiful then... it is. And not cold :) <3


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