perjantai 20. helmikuuta 2015

frustrated, relieved and hard to handle

All that, I am. As I told that I was (still a hint left) in influenza, my biggest wish was: Do I make it? It was, truly, angry one! Now, as I´m recovering...I´m totally frustrated! I want, I need! To go to gym...

I was walking today, 40min and like slow motion. That´s a better than nothing, yes? My mind needs more!

And about those thought I can say: I´m healing ;)

Glad to be back from zombie-land. Being sick is definitely a good meter for life. what´s important and there, in sofa...what do I want. It dosent have to be serious (I think, that influenza is sort of serious...) But even smaller flu! Makes one think: have I done all I want in my life? What was those things, that I didnt do? When your body is not strong as it usually is, one will face that fact: we are mortals.

Somehow, it is a good reminder, that nothing last´s forever...need to enjoy now.
Makes one (me) appreciate life now, and all around me.

Today I caught myself for doing something, that I dont like. That´s being hard for those, who are innocent. I was sick, nobody´s fault. Still I snapped to my closest one... apology was in order..

Now, step after step..healing and maybe in next week...light workout with new energy!!

My goal is more clear now that it has never been. And I can say already: I have worked hard..And I will continue to do so later, too.
I have to say, I´m quite proud about me now! (Can I say so?) I truly have been working hard. Inside of me, I know, that I havent gone from there where the fence is lowest.
I just love this project of mine...I love to work hard. I love to see results...maybe that´s why I´m more frustrated than normally, I have such a big hunger for bodybuilding.

Kuvahaun tulos haulle quote about do what you love
That´s so true.

Now some coffee and yes...sofa- time. Dont really like it, but need to do ;)

with love

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  1. Oh my goodness Maarit.. I hope you are feeling back to yourself very soon... it has been a long time since I was very sick... the last time it lasted 7 weeks and frankly I hope I never get that sick ever again... take it easy so you don't make yourself sick again xox

    1. Thank you Launna <3 I have been taking it easy, it´s just so boring :D


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